Good Reasons for a Cooperation with Intesia

Transparent. Independent. International.


Our systematic approach helps in bringing transparency to your Facility Management processes and costs. In various companies for example, Facility Management is looked at as a mere block of costs. We screen and analyse this "black box" for our clients and create a transparent overview including the quality and price of the rendered services. With the help of our monitoring and our neutral figures, you have the right tools at hand to compare Facility Management services objectively and implement optimisation processes selectively.


At Intesia we solely focus on your objectives. Compared to classic Facility Management providers, the Intesia Group is completely independent of service provider interests. We only offer you the solutions which meet your needs exactly. Therefore, with us you are on the safe side: our entire consulting takes place objectively and solely from your interest perspective. We plan, manage and monitor your Facility Management processes independently. Thus, we are able to assess, improve and secure the quality of the rendered service in relation to the price objectively and sustainably.


In addition to local and national projects, the Intesia Group is an internationally established company and an experienced partner for international Facility Management. With us you secure profound country specific knowledge of market characteristics or international benchmarks. We speak more than 12 different native languages and supervise Facility Management facilities of our clients Europe-wide. Our cross-border know-how and our team's intercultural competence guarantee a central and smooth management of your international facilities.